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The second release from WNY's own Crazies. Fast, loud, rough, and scary punk rock.


released September 3, 2016

Crazies are...

Jimmy Skrzeczkowski - Vocals
Nick Kobel - Guitar, Vocals
Dan Bonasera - Bass
Will Pihl - Drums

Recorded, mixed, mastered, all that good stuff - Andrew Douglas

All songs written by Crazies.


all rights reserved



Crazies Fredonia, New York

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Track Name: What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse
When the legacy of darkness takes the land
Alone I rise to take a stand
In this harmony of dissonance
I lament the loss of innocence

With the will and the might of all the people
I take this quest in the name of the steeple
Dawn may bring pain and sorrow
But still I fight for a chance at 'morrow

To vanquish this horrible night
I will never give in on this sacred fight
'Til my last breath
For the glory of light
I will follow my bloodline
Until the very end of this God-sent sign

Die monster!
You don't belong in this world
Your words are as empty as your soul

Medusa, the mummy, and the grim reaper
Will fall to me as I go deeper
Into his cursed evil lair
Where I'll claim his head
And my hero's fanfare

What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
Track Name: Splatterpunk
If you won’t give me truth I seek
Then what else can I do?
I could take this knife and dig real deep
To cut it out of you

My heaven is the scum in here
Within these blood drenched walls
And your mouth can’t puke up hate
if your throat is down the hall

Die die die die

As visions fading fast
As you speak your final words
I can’t believe what you vomit at me
Repent as you die

Die die die die

Track Name: Spookshow

She came to me late one night
She was bloodshot in her eyes
She was almost hypnotized when she said
“I’ve got two tickets to the macabre
A festival of souls where undead roam
We gotta go”

We were born from B-side plays
And B-film shit that rots the brain
You and I, we’re both the same
A couple outcast kids
With time to waste

Come with me, listen to see
A killer full-body symphony
A gathering of forlorn souls
A place where we all belong

And so we showed up to the door
Only three bucks to get inside
It was a cheap and wild ride
And that music hit me hard
And followed me back home
Masturbation for the soul

We were born from B-side plays
And B-film shit that rots the brain
You and I, we’re both the same
A bunch of outcast kids
With time to waste

Come with me, listen to see
A killer full-body symphony
Songs flowing from frustrated souls
A place where we fucking belong

And now I know where I belong
Where I exist is in this song
I never stood a chance out there
But when the music hits I’m unaware
Of all the pain that life can bring
And this is why I fucking sing

Track Name: Spooky-Scary Ghosts & Goblins Are Coming to Get You Tonight
I'm gonna scare you
Track Name: Beast Infection
In there it lives the beast inside my head
Ripping at the seams and tearing through my brain
My regrets, the mistakes that I've made
And it never ends

I did the crime
I paid my time
But the beast I can't outrun
I know it infects
A human defect
It lives in everyone

Why won't it end?
The beast inside my head
Consuming my life
Losing sleep at night
Itchy on the flesh
Tasty on the brain
It will never end

I did the crime
I paid my time
I can't believe what I've done
It lives in silence
A hidden violence
It destroys everyone

Why won't it end?
A beast infection
Why won't it end?
A beast infection
Why won't it end?
A beast infection
Why won't it end?
Track Name: Slaughterhouse Rock
I was out for a night on the town
You could say I was looking to score
But I wasn't looking for some cheap fuck
or an easy college whore

The blood in my veins rushed to my brain
And awakened a devil side
The air was stale, my skin was pale
Boy, I was terrified.

I stumbled down the street
My fading heartbeat was my only company
Inside that bar I heard some guitar
So I went inside to see

Inside this dive the mood was alive
With hormones and human debris
Back in that corner the girl looked like a mourner
But she was making eyes at me

Hey hey hey! x3

This is a slaughterhouse
A massacre that’s in disguise
Let's rock n' roll
And take their lives

This is a slaughterhouse
Tonight's our time to shine
Take their flesh
But the souls are mine

I smelled blood on her breath
She was gorgeous death
A beautiful beast in a black dress

She pulled me near and whispered in my ear
"I'm just like you so let's make a mess"

We sliced off their heads
We ripped out their throats
We ended their lives
To hate we devote

We sucked out their blood
From their disgusting necks
We devoured their souls
in a heinous sex

And the blood did flow
like a river of gore
But it wasn't enough
We wanted more

There was nowhere to hide
There was no where to run
They could not escape our Slaughterhouse fun.